how much is an old copper immersion heater worth

  • Copper Cylinder descaling

    Recently 2 newish hot taps have failed and were very Limescaled. Water is heated by electric immersion heater in a copper cylinder. The cylinder is at least 20yrs old, maybe nearer 30.

  • Cost Of Replacing Immersion Heater

     · I need an immersion heater replacing. I have two elements in the tank that go in the side. The one at the bottom has packed up so obviously that one needs to be replaced asap although the one half way up works at the moment. The hot water tank is about 5ft high or 1500mm in the new langauge.How m...

  • burned wire in the immersion heater | Screwfix Community Forum

     · I have replaced an immersion heater a few months ago, and recently it stopped working. The wire connecting the thermostat to the immersion heater was burned as on the attached picture. This wire was connecting the thermostat to the immersion heater in the newly bought immersion heater. I can detach it from the thermostat but it is permanently ...

  • immersion heater gone again | ElectriciansForums

     · 21. Jul 3, 2010. #7. I can buy the copper elements with a 1 year guarantee, incoloy with a 2 year and titanium with a 5 year guarantee, if your in a hard water area, its worth fitting either incoloy or titanium. Reply to immersion heater gone again in the Electrical Forum area at …

  • Is there any value to our old copper hot water tank ...

     · Messages. 773. 15 Jan 2012. #4. Last time I checked, scrap copper is approx €4 per kg. A standard 30 gallon copper cylinder is appprox 11kg so cylinder is worth approx €44. Any other bits you have will bump up the price. Also separate the brass fittings as they will be a higher price per kg. P.

  • Choosing the Correct Hot Water Cylinder

     · 1. Hot water cylinders are present in the majority of UK homes, with the exception being if you have a combination boiler or water heater boiler that produces instantaneous hot water. Hot water cylinders come in all many shapes and sizes but are generally circular in shape and are fitted in a cupboard of some sort, with the most common location being the traditional airing cupboard.

  • Anyone scrapped a domestic copper hot water tank recently ...

    Its worth around £1500/ton. But its only worth that if its ''clean'' in the sense that anything not copper has been stripped off of it. You''ll get a much lower (but still quite attractive ...

  • Scrap Price for Copper? | PlumbersForums

     · I now have about a quarter of a rubble sack of clean copper, three sacks of painty, soldered, grotty copper and best part of a sack of brass fittings and old taps. Plus 4 cylinders, spoke to local scrap yard and they pay a fixed price for the 36 x 18 …

  • Scrapping an Old Central Air Conditioner: Is It Worth the ...

    Most air conditioning units contain tons of non-ferrous metal that can be worth quite a bit of money at your local scrapyard. One of the most in-demand metals contained in these units is copper, and while the amount you will receive varies based upon your exact location and the value of the metal at the time you turn it in, it''s generally ...

  • Immersion Heater Thermostat Replacement Guide

    With the old heating element removed from the hot water cylinder, try to clean up any dirt and debris from inside and around the opening. Once this is done, time to fit the new immersion heater element and thermostat. You should get a sealing washer with it, I would also recommend using jointing compound on the thread to further stop any leaks.

  • Copper hot water cylinder

     · Price of copper is currently around £2500 per ton so weigh it in. I got £48 for a cylinder about a month ago that came out of a renovation project. Another good one is old electric cable.

  • Old Boiler for scrap££ ?? — MoneySavingExpert Forum

     · 20 July 2010 at 5:22PM. Just take it into your local scrap metal merchant - you don''t need a license for that. Around here it''s about £100 per ton for steel, cast iron etc. If you mean a copper cylinder however that will be worth a lot more - about £3 per kg. 0.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Hot Water Cylinder?

    Labour. 1. Replacing like for like (or near as damn it) a factory insulated standard copper cylinder. That''s 1 day for one man including incidental fittings. £250. Plus materials etc. for the above. £175. 2. Upgrading to an all singing etc stainless, unvented, insulated, pressurised cylinder …

  • Are scrap boilers worth anything ?

     · Years ago I can remember taking my old tank there when we changed from a immersion heater to a combi, the old tank was quite large though compared to a combi. The combi might be worth more for spare parts than scrap, just an idea.

  • Plumbing prices for water tank install

     · Taking out faulty 11" immersion heater in hot water tank and installing new one. Time and materials. £155: item/job: North Yorkshire: 2010-09-02: Remove old 50 gal water storage tank. Supply and fit new 50 gal plastic tank, byelaw 30 kit amending pipes to fit new tank and fit isolation valves on inlet and outlets. Remove old tank and rubbish.

  • need to update an old copper water heater

     · need to update an old copper water heater – how much is this worth? We''ve had many people (contractors, plumbers, gas company) mention that our 30+ year old water heater (solid copper) is worth some money even when it dies. Well, it is dying and we are wondering what kind of money and how should we sell it to someone (the copper is the ...

  • Copper cylinder for Sale | Gumtree

    albion 1500 x 450 direct cylinder 206l insulated copper tank with 3kw came off a hotwater solar system. Has 1 22mm fitting at the top. And a 22mm and 38mm exit pipes at the bottom on oposite sides. It has two element heater sockets. With one 3kw elem. £200. Ad posted.

  • is it worth me selling off my old copper cylinder?

    HI. copper is very valuable secondhand, currently clean cooper (no joints etc on it) is worth about £4 per Kg, and Brassierie copper (with joints and the tank will come into this category) is worth about £2.75 per Kg. Depending on location and amount of copper being removed it could be worth …

  • How much is an AC worth for scrap?

     · On average if you are scrapping a whole window air conditioning unit with you scrap yard, you may get paid between $4-6 for it. However, if you take apart that same window unit, you may be tripling your earnings by getting anywhere from $12-18 for the various materials and metals inside, especially the copper tubing. Click to see full answer.

  • copper vs stainless steel | Homebrew Talk

     · Copper by the lb is a better conductor than SS but the copper soft tube is much thicker than the SS tube of the same diameter. It''s really a minor difference, unless your coil is really short. The copper ones come out cleaner because of the acidity of the wort, which is fine pre fermentation, the yeast eat the copper.

  • how much would a copper immersion heater cylinder fetch ...

     · > Ore Process > how much would a copper immersion heater cylinder fetch; Print. how much would a copper immersion heater cylinder fetch. Posted at:December 18, 2012[ 4.6 - 1927 Ratings] Domestic Copper Cylinders Explained – Direct, Indirect ...

  • Changing an immersion heater element

     · 2. Remove the thermostat & anything else loose on the immersion heater 3. Trim back the foam spray round the boss, how far you go depends on how well ventilated the space is 4. Get as much if the foam off the copper in the trimmed back area as you can. This isn''t going to …

  • How much is a hot water heater worth for scrap?

     · 4.7/5 (2,698 Views . 36 Votes) The average price for scrapping a water heater is $7 to $30. It''s not uncommon for a water heater to weigh as much as 150 pounds, so you may find it worthwhile to take the effort to scrap your water heater. Click to see full answer.

  • Value of Ancient Copper Water Heater? | Terry Love ...

     · It varies daily, but it''s around $2/pound around here. Somewhat depends on how clean. An old waterheater could be full of mineral deposits. Might pay to cut it open, clean it out and take off any non-copper parts. Depends on how much your time is worth, too.

  • Combination copper hot water cylinders | Fortic Tank | Hot ...

    Combination Copper Hot Water Cylinders by Gledhill: ... Combination hot water cylinders can be either Direct (heated by an immersion heater), Economy 7 (fitted with two immersion heaters and extra thick insulation) or Indirect (fitted with a boiler coil and immersion heater). Indirect cylinders can be made to an Economy 7 pattern.

  • copper water tank how much scrap

     · How much is an old copper hot water tank worth …. Apr 14, 2011 · Best Answer: Take all insulation off prior to selling. Make sure its not asbestos insulation and if so have it properly removed.

  • Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

    The immersion heater heats the water contained inside the cylinder directly and it is for this reason it is known to be a direct cylinder. Once the water has been heated to the required temperature, it can then be used at the property''s hot water outlet taps, showers etc.

  • How Often Should One Change the Heating Elements in a ...

    Shut off power and drain the tank before removing the old elements and replacing them. The water inside the tank may be over 120 degrees Fahrenheit even with a failed element, so let the tank cool ...

  • Immersion heater element

     · I am looking to fit an immersion heater in my copper tank. I will then be adding a Honeywell Optismart system to divert excess generated power to the heater. My questions are: What wattage immersion heater would be the optimum? Low or high (500W to 3KW). What length heater should I fit? Do either of these matter?

  • Copper tank

    Albion 1500x450 direct cylinder 206l insulated copper water tank 3kw. Armagh, Armagh City Banbridge and Craigavon. £200. Albion 1500 x 450 direct cylinder 206l insulated copper tank with 3kw came off a hotwater solar system. Has 1 22mm fitting at the top.

  • Any value for my old hot water tank? — MoneySavingExpert Forum

     · 514 Posts. 28 January 2008 at 8:19PM. Hi Afitos. It most certainly does have a value. Prices for any scrap metal are through the roof at the moment and the last i heard was that scrap copper was fetching £260.00 per cwt. Get it back from them and take it to your local scrap metal dealer. I would imagine they have already scrapped it though so ...

  • How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Hot Water Cylinder?

     · An immersion heater is also provided so that the boiler can be switched off in the summer and the cylinder takes over providing domestic hot water. Comparing Quotes Could Save You Up To 40%: Click To Get Quotes. Price for replacing a hot water cylinder with a similar type and size. A plumber will usually quote a day rate for this sort of job.

  • Heating

    Electric immersion heaters are readily available for hot water heaters in the U.S. in either 1500 or 3000 watt sizes. But if you want a precise regulating of the heat ( and that degree of control may not be needed) then these heaters will require an additional, and very expensive voltage controller.

  • Immersion Heaters: Benefits, Costs (& Free Hot Water)

    Immersion Heater Costs. The average cost of electricity is about 13.33p per kWh** in the UK. This means it will cost around 40p to power a 3kW immersion heater for an hour. Based on this figure we''ve estimated some running costs to give you an idea of what an immersion heater could cost to run. Size of Immersion Heater.

  • Scrap Copper Melt Value Calculator

    Use the scrap copper melt value calculator to find how much your items are worth in copper content, or in determining what you might be willing to pay based on the spot price of copper. The copper scrap calculator will show you the price for pure copper, unless you indicate a lower percentage.

  • What is scrap cost of copper tank? | PlumbersForums

     · Just a week ago over here, brazery copper was as much as £3.90 & cylinders for some reason were a tad less at £3.75 a kilo & pure copper (clean pipe) was £4.10 a kilo. A 36x18" grade3 modern indirect is about 13 kilo at least, so that makes it worth £50 approx & if is an older heavy type you could be closer to £100. R.