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    DI K9 Pipes are heavier than Ductile Iron Class K7 pipes. DI pipes Class K7 and Class K9 have very diverse applications and they are capable of withstanding surge and high pressure. We also provide IS 8329 Class K9 Pipe at reasonable cost.

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    Pipe Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings Showing 1 - 12 of 170 Filter Products. category Pipe (170) PRICE

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    Ductile Iron Pipes. Superior grade ductile iron pipes & fittings, supplied on a Nationwide basis at the most cost effective price. All our quality ductile pipes start at 80mm diameter. GM Pipes & Valves can supply you with ductile pipes and fittings for any application involving clean or dirty water. We have all sized diameters with pipes ...

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    12" Ductile Iron Pipe Bell X Plain End 26-3/4" Overall Length, Stub Cutoff. $99.00. $155.00 shipping. or Best Offer.

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    DUCTILE IRON PIPE VERSUS HDPE PIPE 1 Introduction There is a myriad of factors that design engineers consider when designing and specifying a potable water pipeline: initial cost of the system, operating requirements, maintenance costs, dependability, and long-term performance. This brochure compares the short- and long-term structural and

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    Ductile Iron Piles are often used as an alternative to drilled micropiles, driven H-piles or steel pipe piles, helical piles and augercast piles to save foundation costs and accelerate project schedules. Advantages of Ductile Iron Piles. Cost-effective, providing a 15-25% cost …

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    It was installed in 1664. The Cast Iron Pipe Century Club has more than 500 members. This unique club is made up of utilities or cities in Canada and the US that are still using their cast iron pipe after 100 years of service. Ductile iron pipe is a byproduct of the cutting edge technology of metallurgy.

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    Star Pipe Products has a complete line of Ductile Iron Compact and Full Body Mechanical Joint (MJ) Fittings, Full Body Flange Fittings, Compact Push-On Fittings, Fabricator Products, Accessories and a complete line of coatings and linings including Fusion Bonded Epoxy and Protecto 401™ Ceramic Epoxy. Check out our new online submittals, as well.

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    Ductile Iron Bend (Socket x Socket) PN16 100mm x 90 Degrees. Product Code: 1012408. Please enter a valid quantity. My Price $0.00 (inc.gst) CMP. $0.00 (inc.gst) Enter your postcode to see pricing. Available to Trade Account holders in maX. Ductile Iron Bend (Socket x …

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    cast iron pipe and fittings be joined with shielded couplings manufactured in accordance with CISPI 310. The use of un-shielded couplings or any coupling not meeting the above specification will void the product warranty." 01/01/14 TYLE PIPE & COUPLING • 11910 CR 492 • TYLER, TEXAS 75706 • (800) 527-8478 3

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     · It''s ductile iron pipe sprayed with a zinc coating. The zinc serves as corrosion control. The zinc is consumed in place of the iron. Life expectancy: At least 100 years compared to 50-75 years for traditional ductile iron. Cost: Overall construction cost is the same compared to putting traditional ductile iron pipe in the ground.

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    Ductile Iron Pipe is designed according to rigorous and prudent AWWA standards. Ductile Iron Pipe is typically manufactured with larger inside diameters than steel pipe, resulting in lower pumping costs–and an average 21% savings in energy costs. For the same pressure design, Ductile Iron Pipe will have a greater wall thickness than steel pipe.

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    Cost. Ductile iron pipe offers strength, stiffness, ductility, and a range of sizes and thicknesses and is the typical choice for high-pressure and exposed piping. Plastic pipe is most widely used in short force mains and smaller diameters. Table 1 lists the

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    Ductile cast iron has enhanced ductility, high impact strength, etc. Summary – Galvanized Pipe vs Ductile Cast Iron Galvanized pipe and ductile cast iron can be described as two types of iron. Galvanized pipes are pipes that are made by coating the iron surface with a zinc layer. This prevents the pipes from rusting.

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    Ductile Iron Pipe Piles (DIP''s) Ductile Iron Piles (DIPs) are a pre-fabricated driven pile system utilizing high-strength ductile iron pipes that transfer the load from a footing or pile cap, or heavily-loaded slabs to a stiff soil or rock layer to control settlement of a structure.

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    Step 1. Examine the pipe. Look at how weathered it is. Ductile pipe was first created in the 1950''s. It was first sold commercially in the 1960s, with most installations being done in the 1970s or later. If the pipe is older than that, then it is cast iron. Cast iron pipes have been around much longer than ductile pipes, which eventually ...

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    The ductile iron pipe cost you can find on the site are generally built using hot-dipped technology to prevent rusting and weakening of the structural elements. With seamless welding quality, these ductile iron pipe cost are annealed with nitrogen protection and are polished with utter professionalism. These products are made of robust ...

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    Company Products: Ductile Iron Pipe, Ductile Iron Fittings, Rubber gasket. Uses are divided into: 1.Standard:ISO 2531 & BS EN545 (for potable water application) BS EN598 (for sewage application)

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    3: The ductile cast iron pipe has stable chemical properties. Plus anti-corrosion methods of zinc spraying and paint coasting, it has excellent anti-corrosion performance so that its service life is over 100 years. 4: The installation for centrifugal ductile iron pipe is convenient and quick and the construction cost is cheap. 5: High reliability.

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    Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings Prices, Ductile Iron Reducer. FBE Coating Double Flanged Bend Inquire Now. All Flanged Tee Inquire Now. Socket Spigot Reducing Tee with Flanged Branch Inquire Now. EN545 Double Flanged Bend Inquire Now. PU Lining Double Socket Bend Inquire Now. ISO2531 Double Socket Bend Inquire Now. EN598 Double Socket Bend Inquire Now.

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    American Cast Iron Pipe 54 in. x 20 ft. Fastite CL200 Zinc Plated Ductile Iron Pipe with Cement Lined. Part # AFT200P54. Item # 1238958. X. POINTS. To see availability for this product, personLog In or Get Online Access $ 10 in. Slip-Joint Ductile Iron Pipe. …

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     · The key difference between ductile iron and cast iron is that we use ductile iron for water pipes due to its durability while we use cast iron usually for engineering and construction structures because of its stability.. Ductile iron and cast iron are useful in the metal industry on an everyday basis. However, the two alloys have different characteristics that result in them being …

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    ITB-3247: Ductile Iron Pipe and Supplies Pricing Sheet For Award Only Estimated Annual Cost GASKET: TYTON 4 IN. EA $6.98 $6.98 GASKET: TYTON 6 IN. EA $7.37 $7.37

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    Star® Pipe Products is a domestic & global manufacturer for a broad array of iron products for the water and wastewater industries. Established in 1981, Star® Pipe Products is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has been delivering quality products and services for over 40 years.

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    Fab Pipe Inc. is a leading manufacturer of ductile iron and steel process piping products for water, wastewater, industrial and OEM applications. U.S. Pipe & Foundry Co. U.S. Pipe continues to lead the industry through the principles the company was established on …

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    Metallic Zinc Coating for Ductile Iron Pipe. V-Bio Polyethylene Encasement. Polyethylene Encasement for Ductile Iron Pipe. Protecto 401 Lined Pipe and Fittings. Glass Lining (Porcelain Enamel) Fusion Bonded Epoxy (206N) Fusion Bond Epoxy 134. International (Spanish / Metric) TYTON JOINT.

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     · Considering the relative difference in pipe wall thicknesses, DI pipe has the largest inside diameters (where the flow happens) amongst Ductile iron, HDPE and PVC pipes. Using 12-inch pipe as an example, the present worth of excess energy costs to pump the same volume of water through each mile of HDPE pipe (versus 12-inch DIP) in just the ...


    In addition to providing physical test data comparing the two pipe products, the brochure will also compare applicable AWWA design standards for each pipe, including ANSI/AWWA C150/A21.501 for Ductile Iron pipe, the 1997 edition and the 2007 edition of ANSI/AWWA C9002,3 for smaller-diameter pvc, and ANSI/AWWA C9054 for large-diameter pvc pipe.

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     · ductile iron pipe prices, ductile iron pipe prices Suppliers and Manufacturers at … Ductile Iron Pipe Ductile Iron Pipe Factory ISO 2531 EN545 EN598 Class K9 C40 C30 C25 Ductile Iron Pipe US $700.00-$760.00/ Ton 1 Ton (Min. Order) Shanxi Solid Industrial Co., Ltd.

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    Not all soil environments are corrosive to ductile iron pipe. Although corrosion may be occurring, the rate of corrosion may be acceptable for the service life of the pipe. Properly designed and installed cast iron pipe systems in moderately corrosive soils have demonstrated performance of more than 100 years of service. Over 50 years of test ...

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    Cast Iron Price Calculator. This calculator can be used to evaluate the iron casting prices for gray iron and ductile iron products, including their casting costs, machining costs, painting costs, packing costs and sea freight costs. By this price calculator, you could get your casting prices instantly, to save your time for price estimation ...


    Based on pumping costs alone, Ductile Iron pipe saves you money every year. The amounts shown here are based on only one pipeline. In this example, annual savings with Ductile Iron pipe are $9,149 when compared with pccp and steel; $16,559 compared with pvc; and $43,731 compared with hdpe. Imagine how much you could save over the life of your ...

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    Ductile Iron Pipe. Cast iron pipe has long been the standard material for conveying water and sewage in municipal, utility and industrial piping systems. The real life expectancy of cast iron pipe is unknown, but is usually estimated at 100 years or more. The oldest operating cast iron main is that at Versailles, France, installed in 1664.

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