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  • AiPu shaker screen brochure

    Aipu shaker screen of Shaanxi Aipu Shaker screen solutions for you Xi''an, China T:0086-29-63611979 F:0086-29-86213700 aipushakerscreen

  • 48x30 shaker screen replacement

     · As a professional shaker screen manufacturer, Aipu produce high quality 48×30 shaker screen replacement. The screen panels including flat and pyramid type. The appearance can be gray color and green color. The general appearance are same with original one and the dimension, rubber strip are completely same as original one.

  • Shaker screens replace for Hunter series shaker at Aipu

     · Shaker screen area of Hunter-MG3 is over 2㎡, while Hunter-MG4 is over 2.7㎡. Hunter-D series screen holds area over 0.7㎡/pc. It''s larger than Hunter-MG ones. Usually, Hunter-MG is more popular than Hunter-D. Screen sizes including API 40 to API 325. These are very normal and popular items. We can finish the panels very soon.

  • SS Basket Oilfield Drilling Mud Solids Control System 450HP

    High quality SS Basket Oilfield Drilling Mud Solids Control System 450HP from China, China''s leading Drilling Mud Solids Control System product, with strict quality control Oilfield Solids Control System factories, producing high quality SS Basket Solids Control System products.

  • Replacement Mongoose Shaker Screen 585x1165mm at AIPU ...

     · Replacement Mongoose shaker screen is a popular product at Aipu solids control. Especially the composite one, with the high-capacity composite Mongoose screens provide shaker significant increase in fluid capacity as well as excellent resistance to blinding providing dryer solids discharge and a larger net usable screen area.

  • How To Evaluate Shaker Screen Quality? – Oil and gas ...

    Oil and gas Shaker Screen. Replacement FLC 2000 (48×30), DP 600, FLC 500, HYP, MD3, Mongoose™, ALS™, BEM, NOV''s screens like VSM300™, Cobra™ and King Cobra™, LCM™, KTL-48™,KPT, Kem-Tron™, FSI 5000™ – Aipu Shale Shaker Screen

  • Drilling mud shale shaker screen at AIPU Solids control

     · Aipu Shale shaker screen feature. Design on structure and material selection provide large treating capacity, it removes solids particle from drilling mud effectively. No matter for steel frame or composite frame, we weld the supporting metal frame durable. And the screen material are the true high quality stainless steel.

  • Aipu shaker screens FAQ

     · Aipu shaker screens. All products will be made of high quality raw material. The screen cloth will be S.S304 at least and according to actual mesh size there will be S.S304L, S.S316, S.S316L wire mesh in various configuration. The frame steel are national standard from reliable factory, rubber strip or seal rubber is finished by digital machine ...


    INTRODUCTION At the request of Shaanxi Aipu Machinery Manufacture Company, LTD, API RP 13C shaker screen sieve and conductance testing was conducted 10 flat shale shaker screen provided by a representative of Shaanxi Aipu Machinery Manufacture Company.

  • AIPU Shaker Screen Manufacture Follow API RP 13C

     · Shaker screen is the necessary separation part for shale shaker with screen frame and wire mesh. AIPU supply shaker screen as per API RP 13C regulation and screens were tested in professional API RP 13C lab in USA. The screen installation type, dimension, cut point is an open option from various part no..

  • Brandt King Cobra shale shaker brochure

    The King Cobra Shaker is designed to do two primary jobs: separate drilled solids from the mud transport the solids rapidly and efficiently off the screens. How the King Cobra Shaker Works. The three features key to the operation of the King Cobra Shaker are the basket and angle adjustment system, the vibrator system, and the screen retention ...

  • high quality shaker screen

    High Quality Shaker Screens in China Solids Control. 2017-3-1 High quality shaker screens is the most regularly ware parts for a whole solids control equipment in drilling job site. AIPU Solids Control build various replacement shaker screen for different brand and models of shale shaker.

  • VSM 100 Shale Shaker Manual

    The lower deck screen configuration on the VSM 100 comprises four (4) multipanel pretensioned screens. The two (2) screens at the rear of the shale shaker are mounted horizontally and the two (2) screens at the front are ramped. This screen configuration enables a larger surface area to be covered by a larger head of fluid.

  • Shale Shaker For Oil Sludge Treatment – miranda

     · AIPU supply various options of shale shaker to meet unique client''s demand, single linear motion shaker, double deck shaker and dual motion shale shaker available for orders. For some model of shakers, AIPU supply both steel material screen and composite material screen for the option.

  • Shale shaker screen maintenance

     · Shaker screen is an important part of solids control system. It is widely used in oil & gas drilling works. Aipu can produce various of shaker screens,including flat type, corrugated type, the hook strap type, the wedge blocked type, the steel frame and composite frame ones. Shaker screen as a wearing part, in order to save cost, first we must know some maintain methods on shaker screen.

  • AiPu Solid control,Solids control system,drilling waste ...

    Aipu''s separation technology offers perfect solids removal performance. Using these equipment and related screen technology, customers continuously recycle and re-use drilling fluid, while also controlling drilled solids and impact on the environment. Oil & Gas Drilling Solids Control. Series of solid control system for 2,000 m to 9,000 m ...

  • Shaker screen API to mesh size conversion

     · Now almost shaker screens are in compliance with API RP13C. Aipu shaker screen API number is tested under API RP13C code. We are able to provide you all makes and models shaker screen in oilfield all over the globe. Please contact us for more detail and information on API size convert to mesh size. API 13C screens.

  • Three batches of shaker screens are to be delivered ...

    Shaker screens are always the hot sales products at AIPU solids control. Among all of our screen orders delivered there are 80% repeat order placed by the regular clients. So firstly, sincerely appreciate our clients'' trust and support so long time The screens delivered this time including the composite framed screens for Hunter-MG shaker, the ...

  • Screen Mesh for Shale Shaker in Oilfield

     · AIPU Solids Control manufacture screen mesh for shale shaker according to API RP 13C for various replacement shaker screen for worldwide brand of shale shaker. The API RP 13C cut point test based on particles by screen size with ASTM sieves. The D100 cut point means of the solids particles larger than the screen mesh can be passed.

  • AiPu Solids Control: 2016

     · AiPu solid control equipment on 16TH CIPPE in 2016. Aipu solids control equipment attended 16TH CIPPE during Mar.29~31. We brought Hunter-M4 high G linear motion shale shaker there. So many clients are interested in the shaker. Since the it can be also used as high drying shaker on drilling waste process.

  • Repeat order on KPT shaker screen ...

    AIPU KPT screen replacement is popular with more and more users. The reliable and stable quality is from high quality raw material, strict technique process and inspection. If we compare same screen made by other supplier you will find AIPU shaker screen is more shining and heavy duty.

  • Composite Shaker Screen for Shaker Deck

     · Composite shaker screen is frame type design with wedge pretension for fast replacement. It is more effective compares steel frame because it''s easier production procedure and quality control by reduce steel welding. AIPU hunter MG 4 series shaker install the composite frame screen which is replaceable with Swaco Mongoose screen.

  • A Practical and Theoretical Evaluation Of shale shaker screen

    Shale Shaker Screen Successful Drilling of Oil and Gas Wells by Optimal Drilling-Fluid/Solids Control—A Practical and Theoretical Evaluation Summary Since the development of the drilling industry, the process for removing drill solids from the drilling fluid has culminated in the use of shaker screens as the primary or sole solution. It is ...

  • AiPu shaker screen

    AiPu shaker screen, Xian Shi, Shaanxi, China. 359 likes · 1 talking about this. Screens and other spares of shale shaker for sale

  • Solids control system for CBM drilling mud system upgrade ...

    Their existing system including desander, decanter centrifuge, mud agitators, pumps and mud tanks. However, there is no shale shaker and the related platform-tank/pits. System delivered last days including 2 sets of linear motion shale shaker, mud tank and auxiliary equipment. For mud tank, there are mud agitators, handrails, walkway, and stairs.

  • Over 2000 panels of shaker screen ...

    Why clients select AIPU shaker screen? The screen itself quality is excellent with high performance. And the screen panels are repairable. We provide the repair plugs for clients easy repair to save the time and cost This is the 6th shipment of screens under 4 repeat orders.

  • AiPu shaker screen

    AiPu shaker screen, Xian Shi, Shaanxi, China. 349 likes · 2 talking about this. Screens and other spares of shale shaker for sale

  • API Shaker Screen Made from China

     · Formed in 2012, Aipu shaker screen is a combination enterprise of the product design, manufacture and marketing, leading Chinese manufacturer in regard to shale shaker screen as well as replacement screen for all makes or models of shale shakers. You may consider the company is newly formed, however, the staff at Aipu shaker screen shares in over 20 years of screen manufacture …

  • API RP13C Shaker screen details for your reference

     · High quality Aipu shaker screen. Why clients select Aipu? How does Aipu make high quality shaker screen? Firstly, we have shared over 20 years of screen we know what clients need. Then, we make sure of screen panels holding the exact API size. Thirdly, we treat every tiny things serious for top quality. From raw material to the package and marks.

  • Linear Motion Shaker Manual

    shaker to accommodate hook-­‐strip screens and wedge-­‐wire screens, upon customer request. KTL-­‐448 AG Four Panel Shaker KTL-­‐48 STD Three Panel Shaker 2. Operation The Linear Motion Shaker is the backbone of a primary solid/liquid separation system. It is

  • Replacement Shaker Screen from Aipu

     · Replacement shaker screen from Aipu. Aipu produce all models of replacement screen for NOV Brandt shaker. We promise right fit and completely interchangeable screen panel to all users. Including the King Cobra series screen, VSM series screen, LCM shaker screen, the VNM screens, and etc. The shaker screens are from API 45 to API 400.

  • Oilfield Screens

    and labeling of shale shaker screens. The American Petroleum Institute (API) standard RP 13C describes and defines, without bias, the maximum screen opening sizes and flow potential in a reproducible, consistent manner without predicting performance. Our screen offerings are …

  • Shale Shaker Screen

    Shale shaker screens are becoming the most shaker parts as demands on the shale shaker have increased and developing. Aipu is focussed on resolving shaker screens'' three primary requirements: . High liquid and solids handling capacity . Acceptable life . Ability to be easily identified and compared Aipu screen instruction Aipu produces almost all shaker […]

  • Replacement VSM300 shaker screen for sale

     · All Aipu shaker screens conform to API RP13C. VSM300 series screen included in as well. VSM300 shaker screen replacement including scalping shaker screen, primary deck screen, as well as the secondary screen. Replacement V300 screen can be made as steel frame or the composite frame. Difference is the frame material.

  • information about waste management, information about ...

    Aipu Drying Shaker Used In Waste Management Or Drilling Fluids Process Please find below information of AIPU Hi-G dry shaker specification Hunter-D3 shale shaker technical specification Model Hunter-HiG Vibrator Motor 2.64HP x 2 Max. Vibration Strength 8.5G Treating Capacity 528GPM Deck Angle -1~+5°(Customizable) GeneralScreen Panel Area 2.73 ...

  • App Shaker Screen

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    Bistro set. Aluminum furniture! See more of Linyi Datian Standard Parts Co.,Ltd on Facebook

  • Aipu Produce Hight Qulity Replacement shaker screens For ...

     · Aipu shaker screen Shale shaker is the kernel device in any solids removal program. Screens as the most cost spare part of shale shaker are very concerned by engineers. For maximum efficiency, the solids on the screen surface must travel in a predetermined pattern "spiral, elliptical, orbital or linear motion" in order to increase particle…

  • Shaker screens test and quality control at Aipu Solids Control

     · Shaker screens test. After finishing shaker screens before packing them, we''ll stand on the peaks of the corrugated screen. It will help us to check the peak strength. Even there is a people weighs 220lbs standing on corrugation poles the screen …

  • Shale Shaker Screen

    Shale shaker screen is the critical parts or spare parts for solids control system. It is screen panels fit on shale shakers. As shale shaker is the chief defense of solids removal during well drillings, screen quality will definitely affect shaker performance much. AIPU is proud to say we''ve shared over 15 years experiences in screen ...

  • KemTron KTL 48 Shaker Screen Replacement – Oil and gas ...

    Oil and gas Shaker Screen. Replacement FLC 2000 (48×30), DP 600, FLC 500, HYP, MD3, Mongoose™, ALS™, BEM, NOV''s screens like VSM300™, Cobra™ and King Cobra™, LCM™, KTL-48™,KPT, Kem-Tron™, FSI 5000™ – Aipu Shale Shaker Screen